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Academic Background

Candidates are screened for academic backgrounds well aligned for a medical device specialist career.

Professional Experience

Candidates have B2B sales, clinical, pharmaceutical, and other healthcare related experience, as well as recent college graduates.

Personal Skills for Success

Candidates are high achievers with strong interpersonal and communication skills, analytical capabilities, with compassion toward patients.

Geographic Flexibility

Candidates are screened for geographic flexibility to ensure they are open to working in many different areas of the country.

Testing & Assessment

Academic performance is measured with simulation testing designed to mimic the cardiac device industry standards.



Available for placement (Midwest)

Winter 2022

Graduate of Lawrence Technological University with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering. Worked on team projects with members from different studies to successfully design and build working models of medical devices. Organized and conducted virtual interviews for the Sigma Phi Epsilon scholarship with 113 applicants as the COVID pandemic shutdowns were initiated. 6 years of retail experience before and during college utilizing customer relationship skills. Experience from a patient’s point of view due to both family history, and a personal heart condition. Prepared to take experience and passion and apply it to a fulfilling career assisting patients in the cardiac industry.



Available for Placement (Northeast, Southeast, Southwest)

Fall 2021

Graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences. Gained knowledge in the medical device space shadowing physicians in the OR and traveling with the territory representative from clinic to clinic displaying and demonstrating orthopedic implant procedures. 2+ years experience as hiring manager working with a team to determine appropriate candidates for employment. Experience in a fast paced environment serving as a medical scribe in the emergency department. Eager to combine clinical knowledge and experience with strong teamwork and communication skills in addition to PrepMD experience toward a successful career as a cardiac clinical specialist.

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