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Candidates qualify to use the Directory by utilizing PrepMD training, online learning, and workshops. Hiring managers looking for cardiac medical device professionals utilize the Candidate Directory to recruit and hire trained and talented individuals eager to start or advance careers working in CRM, EP, IC or SH positions. The Directory allows hiring managers to connect with candidates to arrange interviews, after filtering for educational and professional background, geographic placement preferences and PrepMD completion certificate and scorecord details.

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Candidate Directory Focused on Cardiac

Access this Candidate Directory to find candidates focused on a cardiac medical device career. Some are recent college graduates and many have B2B sales, clinical, pharmaceutical, and other healthcare related experience.

Conceptual Knowledge in CRM, EP, SH/IC

Candidates gain conceptual knowledge in one or more specialties including Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM), Electrophysiology Mapping and Ablation (EP), Structural Heart (SH)or Interventional Cardiology(IC).

Hands-on Learning & Proficiency Evaluation

Candidates who attend PrepMD Professionals hands-on workshops or the PrepMD Core Training Program undergo simulation testing and proficiency evaluation designed to mimic the cardiac device industry standards.

Find Your Best-Fit Candidate

Search candidates by educational and professional background, geographic placement preferences, cardiac specialities of focus, and PrepMD completion certificate and scorecord details.

Yes, I am a hiring manager and want to learn more about the Directory!

Yes, I am a hiring manager and want to learn more about the Directory!


PrepMD Professionals Provides

salary, healthcare benefits, continuing education and certifications

Employer Client Provides

credentialing, travel and business-related expenses, and ongoing guidance and direction

Hiring Flexibility

Contract Staffing provides strategical introduction of new talent to help manage headcount without approval for a full time hire, backfill unexpected vacancies, or build capacity in anticipation of product launches.

Candidate Readiness

PrepMD candidates have the academic background, work experience, and personal qualities necessary to help with management of clinical service burden and perioperative procedure support.

Direct Hire Conversion

Contract Staffing provides for flexible conversion, allowing clients to seamlessly evaluate and assess overall fit of the candidate and choose to convert to a direct employee without interrupting your team’s workflow.

Learn more about our flexible Contract Staffing Solutions.  Meet our candidates and hire your next Cardiac Clinical Specialist, ready to add immediate clinical support to your team.

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