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Healthcare Careers other than Doctors, Nurses, PAs, and PTs

Healthcare Careers other than Doctors, Nurses, PAs, and PTs

Blog article healthcare careers other than doctors and nurses

A satisfying and rewarding career without years of schooling and mountains of debt

The medical device industry is steadily growing, fueled by constant advances and innovation in technology. This field offers a variety of opportunities to be a part of the medical field without having to endure years of schooling and mountains of debt.

Healthcare careers other than doctors, nurses, PAs and PTs! The National Center for Education statistics show that the average student loan debt is $250,000 for physicians, $125,000 for physician assistants and $96,000 for physical therapists. Not everyone has an appetite for this kind of debt and some prefer the medical device industry as a meaningful and rewarding healthcare career.

Labor experts claim that healthcare now represents a dominating 18% of the U.S. economy, making the healthcare industry a largely recession proof space to enjoy a meaningful and rewarding career. Cardiology is projected to grow at over 6% annually over the next decade, with over 92 million Americans living with cardiovascular disease. Innovation and advances in cardiovascular therapies and technologies will continue at a very fast rate. The medical device specialist career path offers many dynamic and rewarding growth opportunities.

As the technologies and therapies grow in sophistication, so does the need for the role of the Cardiac Clinical Specialist. The role is constantly evolving because of an increased need for product and therapy expertise during and after complex cardiac procedures. There are many job openings for cardiac device specialist at various medical institutions. However, the responsibilities and roles of a cardiac device specialist differ depending on where one works. The major employers of medical device specialists are healthcare providers and medical device companies.

Cardiac Device Specialist at Device Clinic (employed by a healthcare system or hospital)
At a device clinic, a cardiac device specialist is responsible for monitoring cardiac devices and patient care. This might include distributing, analyzing, scheduling, follow up, and monitoring of pacemakers and ICDs. Additional responsibilities include collaborating with physicians, patients, and other medical staff to demonstrate the usage, benefits, and maintenance of cardiac devices.

Cardiac Device Specialist / Clinical Specialist (employed by Medical Device Company)
At a medical device company, a cardiac clinical specialist is responsible for delivering new device technologies and innovations to health care practitioners and patients. A medical device company equips health care professionals in different fields with high quality medical devices to enhance patient care. A clinical specialist provides procedural support during surgical procedures. As a CRM clinical specialist, you may be interacting with patients while as an electrophysiology clinical specialist or mapping specialist, you would have minimal patient interaction.

Many clinical specialists love the rewarding nature of their role and choose to stay in a clinical capacity and seek out options to move their career forward in remote monitoring, clinical management or clinical trial engineering roles. Others might have their eye on the business side of the medical device career space and can move into sales and sales management roles for a medical device industry employer. Career growth options are broad for this career space and vary depending on the employer and area of specialty.

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