Housing Disclaimer

The housing and housing assistance referred to on this Webpage is not being provided by PrepMD LLC, but is provided by several companies that specialize in providing housing on a short term and long term basis in the Boston/Braintree Metro area. While PrepMD LLC believes that these Housing Companies are reputable, PrepMD LLC is not affiliated with them, has not conducted any background investigation into them, does not control them or their employees or representatives, and is not responsible or liable for their actions or omissions or any representations or recommendations that they may make. PrepMD is not an agent for any of the Housing Companies and has no authority to bind, or act on behalf of, any of them. None of the Housing Companies or their respective employees or agents is an agent of PrepMD and none of them has any authority to bind or act on behalf of PrepMD.

The Housing Companies may directly provide housing to you as a landlord, or they may simply arrange for you to rent housing from a third-party landlord or share a room with another tenant or owner of a home. You may be required to enter into verbal or written leases, agreements or arrangements with the Housing Companies, the landlords and/or others as a condition of securing housing. ICE strongly advises you to carefully review and make sure that you understand any agreement or arrangement before signing it or otherwise committing yourself. If you have any questions regarding any agreement or other arrangement, we recommend that you check with a qualified attorney before agreeing to the terms. If you are not comfortable with any terms, conditions or agreements provided by a Housing Company, you should not agree to such housing arrangement. Please be aware that PrepMD does not assume any responsibility for any agreement, arrangement or other understanding that you may enter into with any Housing Company, any landlord, or anyone else.

PrepMD has used reasonable efforts to provide a range of Housing Companies for its students’ varying needs and budgets. All statements made by PrepMD regarding the Housing Companies or the services to be provided by them, including, but not limited to: amenities, costs, lease terms, testimonials, etc. (“Housing Services”) are based on information provided to PrepMD by the Housing Companies for promotional purposes. Although PrepMD has no reason to believe that such statements are false, PrepMD makes no representation or warranty that they are true, correct or complete, and PrepMD assumes no responsibility with respect to any Housing Services (or lack thereof). Before entering into any agreement, arrangement or commitment with respect to any Housing Company or relying on any Housing Company for any Housing Services, you should specifically confirm any understandings or assumptions that you may have regarding such Housing Services with the applicable Housing Company.

Also, PrepMD has not necessarily inspected the housing or other accommodations offered to you, and PrepMD makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, that any such housing or accommodations will satisfy your needs or desires or expectations as to quality, safety, location, or any other matter. PrepMD strongly recommends that you do your own research and due diligence, that may include visiting the actual housing or accommodations offered to you and; if applicable, interviewing any prospective roommates or others with whom you may be sharing such housing or accommodations prior to entering into any lease, agreement, arrangement or other commitment with respect to such housing or accommodations and researching the specific Housing Company or other landlord.

PrepMD is not responsible or liable for, and has no control over, any landlord, host family, co-tenant, or other person with whom you may enter into an arrangement for, or with whom you may share an accommodation or housing. PrepMD does not guarantee in any manner and makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the safety of any accommodation or housing or the neighborhood in which it is located. ICE is not responsible for mediating or resolving any disputes that may arise between you and any Housing Company, any landlord, any co-tenant, or any other person with whom you may share an accommodation or housing.

The housing information presented in PrepMD’s advertisements, videos or other promotions or marketing materials, including, but not limited to, PrepMD’s website, brochures, or verbally via a representative of PrepMD has been provided by the Housing Companies and is believed by PrepMD (without further inquiry) to be true at the time of advertisement. It is not to be considered a complete resource of all housing opportunities available in the surrounding communities of PrepMD’s campuses. Students of PrepMD are under no obligation to utilize the services of any Housing Assistance Company. Moreover, PrepMD does not guarantee housing through any of these listings. If for any reason you need additional help obtaining accommodations in the Boston/Braintree metro area, please notify PrepMD, and we will help you in any reasonable way we can.