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Getting your Foot in the Door in Medical Devices

Getting your Foot in the Door in Medical Devices

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Getting your foot in the door in a medical device career is challenging. The cardiac medical device field is a demanding one with a high barrier to entry. Clinical Specialists need a high degree of clinical and technical knowledge. Hiring managers in the medical device industry and healthcare systems ask for prior experience or training when filling these positions.

A medical device sales position is a well-known role. Certainly more people know or have heard of someone who works as a medical device salesperson. In the cardiac space, very few people are able to break into the space starting out in a sales role without working first as a clinical specialist. The clinical expertise is required before taking on the additional responsibilities of a sales role. There are many opportunities to enjoy a career staying in a clinical role, or moving on to a sales role. Both medical device sales and clinical specialist roles offer rewarding and meaningful career opportunities.

Medical device industry and healthcare system hiring managers in the cardiac space have the challenging responsibility to hire and train talented professionals who can meet their service burden and sales support needs. PrepMD Professionals, LLC, the entity provides talented cardiac medical device specialists who can tackle the service burden and sales support needs of medical device industry and healthcare employers.

Hiring managers rely on PrepMD Professionals, LLC Staffing Services for a better vetted and better prepared pool of trained talent who arrive on the job ready to contribute. Katie Reddy, Manager of PrepMD Professionals works with hiring managers across the medical device industry to match them up with trained talent.

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