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Certification Requirements in Cardiac Space

Certification Requirements in Cardiac Space

Blog article certification requirements in healthcare space

IBHRE® certification is a major part of training and education of heart rhythm. This certification has been internationally adopted as the heart rhythm competency standard in medical industry. Most of the health care professionals and industry employers are required to pass IBHRE® device examination and successfully attain this certification to career advancements and even employment.

Typically a new clinical specialist will wait until 1-2 years into his or her career to have relevant experience before attempting to take this exam. Candidates are required to prove eligibility and demonstrate that they are actively involved in a CRM or EP role before sitting for the exam. Career planning includes taking the first step to review the eligibility details for the Certified Cardiac Device Specialist CCDS exam or the Certified Electrophysiology Specialist CEPS exam before deciding the optimal timing to sit for the relevant certification exam.

IBHRE® Device Examination
The CCDS examination evaluates the relevant and crucial clinical device and electrophysiology knowledge of the applicant regarding implantation of ICDs, pacemakers, as well as follow up of the patients. The CEPS examination assesses the core competencies of cardiac electrophysiology. Each exam includes 200 multiple choice questions and must be completed within the time limit of 5 hours.

All the applicants must have knowledge in the following main areas:

Management, interpretation, diagnosis, clinical practice, and technology of bradyarrhythmias and tachyarrhythmias
Technology and applied science
Basic science

IBHRE® Preparation Tips
Here are some tips that can help you with the preparation of IBHRE® device examination:

Review books, reports, articles and clinical trials on general defibrillation and pacing
Review study journal such as Journal of Cardiac Electrophysiology (JCE) and Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology (PACE)
Before you take the exam, you must take the computer based tutorial test that will have you familiarized with the format of the examination as well as the functionality of calculator tools and computerized caliper tools
Review your on-the-job training and clinical experiences in EP studies and implant processes
Review readings on the recommended list by IBHRE®

The IBHRE® examination is a long and exhausting five hours which can open up numerous opportunities for you once you attain the IBHRE certification. PrepMD provides CCDS and CEPS online test preparation resources.

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