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The PrepMD Passport Series

State-of-the-art online learning resources for individuals, clinics and corporations to advance knowledge on Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM), Electrophysiology (EP), Structural Heart (SH), Interventional Cardiology (IC), and Remote Monitoring (RM). You may focus on one Pathway or choose to bundle multiple pathways at a discount.

Online learning access includes high quality lessons and knowledge checks, animations and interactive 3D modules to learn cardiac anatomy and physiology. Individuals are brought virtually into the cardiac device clinic, cath lab and EP lab procedure room for observation and instruction on cardiac devices, therapies, and procedures.

Augment your online learning with Hands-on Workshops, Proficiency Assessments, and Career Services. Hands-on Workshops include cardiac procedure simulations, implantable device interrogations, and case study reviews. The hands-on learning and proficiency assessment opportunities, provided by PrepMD Professionals LLC., enable Passport Holders to access career resources.

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