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PrepMD Passport Series

IC/SH Pathway Online Learning, $7,990
(Bundle 1 $4,495 and Bundle 2 $3,495)


Who: Cardiac allied healthcare professionals, Cardiac industry professionals, Individuals looking to break into or advance their cardiac career –  Prepare for an industry or clinical role such as a Structural Heart/Interventional Cardiology Clinical specialist, Sales Representative or Cath Lab Tech.

Learning Bundle Overview: The Passport Series is divided into two bundles with 5 months of access to each. The first bundle assumes no prior knowledge of the cardiac space and begins with foundational lessons in anatomy and rhythm analysis, as well as an introduction to all 3 pathways: CRM, EP and IC/SH. At the end of that bundle, you will choose which pathway you want to pursue and unlock pathway-specific modules. The second bundle focuses on advanced modules of your chosen pathway, including virtual clinical rotations. When purchasing Bundle 2, the user maintains access to Bundle 1, providing the flexibility of a full ten months of access to the online material, if needed. Bundles 1 and 2 should be completed prior to attending an on-site workshop and can be completed in only 3-5 months.

Build a strong conceptual and practical understanding of interventional cardiology and structural heart therapies. Whether you are transitioning from an adjacent field or starting fresh in your cardiac career, you will achieve a comprehensive understanding of the disease states of interventional cardiology and structural heart subspecialties as well as the clinical applications and devices used to diagnose and treat these diseases. You will retain 5 months access to each learning bundle and experience virtual clinical rotations with accompanying instruction outlining these catheter-based procedures and the key procedural roles and responsibilities of the clinical specialist working for a medical device company and a cath lab tech working for a healthcare system.

Learning Modalities: Video Lessons and their accompanying Knowledge Checks, Checkpoints that highlight key concepts, Postcard Puzzles to improve visual memory, 3D interactive Virtual Tours, and Milestones that allow you to assess your comprehension and critical thinking for the entire course.

Cardiac mechanical and electrical function
Rhythm strip analysis and the 12 lead ECG
Advanced 12 lead analysis
Coronary artery disease (CAD), cardiac catheterization
Structural heart disease and congenital abnormalities
Advanced imaging
Complex high-risk and indicated patients (CHIP) for PCI
Complex scenarios for structural heart interventions
Simulated common case scenarios
Interactive recordings of IC and SH procedures

Complement Your Online Learning

Offered by PrepMD Professionals

1 Week IC/SH Workshop, $3,150
November 13-17, 2023

2024 dates will be announced soon

To ensure a level of preparedness and comprehension, PrepMD Professionals recommends that each individual complete the PrepMD Passport Interventional Cardiology/Structural Heart (IC/SH) Pathway online learning bundle before attending the onsite workshop.

Workshops encompass onsite lectures and concept review, simulated laboratory and clinical follow-up scenarios, virtual clinical rotations, and rigorous written and practical assessments. The learning experience includes classroom settings, Cath Lab simulations and virtual case observations. Workshops are overseen by CCDS-certified personnel and individuals will be continuously assessed for proficiency.

The 1 week IC/SH workshop is the most comprehensive option for those interested in taking their career to the next level. The objective of the 1 week IC/SH workshop is to give individuals an opportunity to prepare for a cath lab technician or a structural heart device representative. This workshop is designed for extensive practical application of previously acquired concepts, and as such is not intended to be an individual’s first foray into the material. Attendees will receive intensive practical learning opportunities and scenario-driven simulations. Workshop attendees will build off of concepts from online learning in imaging workshops, guided live cases, group projects, and hands-on experience with the tools and equipment of the cath lab. Daily assessments are included to help track progress and understanding of the concepts.

Imaging assessment including angiography, echocardiography, IVUS, and OCT
CHIP patient management and case studies
Cath lab environment, roles, workflow, and equipment
Rhythms, 12 leads, and cardiac rhythm management
SH interventions: congenital, valves, and left atrial appendage management
Ongoing daily assessments

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