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PrepMD Passport Series

Cardiac EP Pathway Online Learning Bundle, $7,500


Who: Cardiac allied healthcare professionals, Cardiac industry professionals, Individuals looking to break into or advance their cardiac career –  Prepare for an industry or clinical role such as a Electrophysiology Mapping Specialist, Sales Representative or EP Lab Tech

Learning Bundle Overview: This Electrophysiology (EP) bundle assumes no prior knowledge of the cardiac space, beginning with foundational lessons in anatomy and rhythm analysis and progressing all the way to advanced EP concepts and virtual clinical rotations.

Individuals will build a strong conceptual and practical understanding of cardiac arrhythmia management, including the diseases, diagnosis, devices and treatments for arrhythmia disorders including cardiac mapping and ablation procedures. Whether you are transitioning from an adjacent field or starting fresh in your cardiac career, you will achieve a comprehensive understanding of the ablation therapy modalities and techniques for treating common arrhythmias. You will experience virtual clinical rotations with accompanying instruction outlining these EP procedures and the key procedural roles and responsibilities of the EP Mapping specialist working for a medical device company and an EP tech working for a healthcare system.

Learning Modalities: Video Lessons and their accompanying Knowledge Checks, Checkpoints that highlight key concepts, Postcard Puzzles to improve visual memory, 3D interactive Virtual Tours, and Milestones that allow you to assess your comprehension and critical thinking for the entire course.

Cardiac mechanical and electrical function
Rhythm strip analysis and the 12 lead ECG
The EP study: intracardiac EGMs
Mechanisms of tachycardia
Ablation therapy modalities and techniques
Electroanatomical mapping (EAM)
Distinguishing supraventricular tachycardias
Ablation and mapping techniques
Virtual EP EGMs, PES, and EAM
Simulated common case scenarios

Augment Your Online Learning

Hands-On Workshops

Augment your online learning with a Hands-On Workshop to advance skills with cardiac mapping and ablation procedure simulations and case study reviews on Cardiac Electrophysiology (EP). You choose the duration that best fits your needs.

Proficiency Assessments

Take a Proficiency Assessment conducted by PrepMD Professionals during the hands-on workshop which includes written and practical assessment to demonstrate PrepMD Professionals standards of clinical and technical competence.

Career & Placement Services

Pass proficiency and apply for Career and Placement Services to take advantage of PrepMD Professionals services including resume development, interview preparation and exclusive candidate representation placement.

Offered by PrepMD Professionals

2 Week EP Workshop, $5,000
May 23-June 3, 2022
2 day EP Workshop, $2,000
May 23-24, 2022

To ensure a level of preparedness and comprehension, each individual will be responsible for completing the PrepMD Passport Cardiac Electrophysiology (EP) Pathway online learning bundle as well as a written assessment before attending the onsite workshop.

Workshops encompass onsite lectures and concept review, simulated EP laboratory, virtual clinical rotations, and rigorous written and practical assessments. The learning experience includes classroom settings, EP Lab simulations, EP mapping systems, and virtual case observations. Individuals are overseen by CEPS-certified personnel. Individuals will be continuously assessed, culminating with a final written and practical exam.

The 2 week EP workshop is the most comprehensive option for those interested in taking their career to the next level. Attendees will receive intensive practical learning opportunities, scenario-driven simulations, professional development, career placement services, and the opportunity for direct placement representation by PrepMD Professionals.  This workshop is designed for extensive practical application of previously acquired concepts, and as such is not intended to be a candidate’s first foray into the material. The objective of the 2 week EP workshop is to produce qualified individuals ready to assume roles as cardiac EP Mapping specialists for a device manufacturer or healthcare system by providing extensive hands-on learning to help individuals prepare for a career and gain access to onsite interview opportunities.

Assessment and Concept Review
Porcine heart dissection
Gamified learning
Guest lectures
Hands-on learning introduction
Virtual case reviews
Extensive scenario-driven simulations
Case studies
Assessment and career services
Professional development
PrepMD Professionals Representation opportunities

The 2 day EP workshop provides an opportunity to interface with PrepMD Professionals staff and to receive hands-on learning and instruction to complement virtual learning. The 2 day EP workshop reinforces the virtual hands-on and clinical rotations experience to help individuals prepare for a career.

Assessment and Concept Review
Porcine heart dissection
Gamified learning
Guest lecture
Hands-on learning introduction
Virtual case review
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