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Structure your teams with a high degree of flexibility by utilizing PrepMD Professionals for your DIRECT and CONTRACT Staffing needs.

We understand the needs that hiring managers face and provide well-trained and screened candidates for short or long term staffing needs. Our training and online learning offerings run throughout the year, providing consistent access to a candidate pool with foundational knowledge in cardiac rhythm management (CRM), electrophysiology (EP), interventional cardiology (IC) and structural heart (SH) devices and procedures ready to be your next cardiac device specialist or cardiac clinical specialist.

We Will Take Care of Your Hiring Process

We understand hiring is critical to your team’s success. We reduce the stress and risk for you so you can trust PrepMD Professionals to provide screened and trained candidates. Over 600 PrepMD candidates placed in the medical device space since 2009, our top performing Alumni work for medical device and healthcare employers across the U.S.

We Know the Cardiac and Healthcare Space

We know the cardiac industry and the healthcare sector and we listen and understand your hiring needs. With over 250 combined years of relevant industry and healthcare experience,  the Faculty at PrepMD understand how successful teams function. We know how to recruit, screen and train the kind of talent you need.

We Rigorously Screen Our Candidates

We interview and screen candidates for the academic background, work experience, personal and coachable qualities necessary for success in the cardiac medical device field. Candidates learn through PrepMD’s rigorous Training and Online Learning solutions, gaining clinical proficiency through hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art simulation labs.

Continuous Pool of Qualified Candidates

Our robust offerings of training and online learning resources provides continuous access throughout the year to well-screened, highly trained Candidates with foundational knowledge in CIED, EP, SH & IC devices and therapies. PrepMD candidates are ready to become productive members of your clinic or team.

PrepMD Professionals Provides

salary, healthcare benefits,

continuing education and certifications

Employer Provides

credentialing, travel and business-related expenses, and ongoing guidance and direction

Hiring Flexibility and Instant Support

Instant support to medical device companies & healthcare providers to tackle service burden, sales needs and effectively manage headcount requirements! PrepMD Professionals Contract Staffing allows you to more strategically introduce new talent into your organization. Manage headcount without approval for a full time hire, backfill unexpected vacancies, or build capacity in anticipation of product launches.

Rigorous Candidate Screening

We interview and screen candidates for you! Our candidates have the academic background, work experience, and personal qualities necessary for success in the cardiac medical device field. Candidates may be deployed to help with clinical service burden management and Perioperative Procedure Support. Our candidates are ready to add value by helping reduce your service burden immediately.

Flexible Conversion for Direct Hire

Utilizing PrepMD Professionals’ Field Associates in a contract period provides opportunity to further evaluate and assess the overall fit of the Field Associate for the needs of your team. Contract Staffing provide for flexible conversion windows within the contracting period allowing you to seamlessly convert contracted PrepMD Professionals into direct employees without interrupting your team’s workflow.

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